Our sculpture was inspired by…Our school values, bees, colourful rainbows and kindness.

Our children were given the Shaun the Sheep design templates to do as homework during the half term holiday. Once the designs were completed our school council came together to look through the entries. They talked about those associated with water as Northumbrian Water are the sponsors. All were in agreement that our design should incorporate rainbows as so many of the returned entries included rainbows and they felt they fitted in with rain and water. All designs were discussed and the school council chose their favourites. Aspects of each were taken and used in the final design. We discussed the idea of a Kindness Sheep and liked the idea of adding bees (which are Mrs Hall’s favourites) using wording such as Bee Kind, Bee happy, Bee Helpful etc which are linked to our school values. We thought the apple tree idea would symbolise our growth through school as well as a link to water as all plants need water to thrive.

It’s farewell to our fab-ewe-lous flock!

115 sheep, ten baa-rilliant weeks, two exciting finale events, one important cause.


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