The young people who attend the Greggs Foundation Breakfast Club at Welbeck Academy in Newcastle were asked to draw their perfect day at school. Encouraged to let their imaginations go wild, they came up with some pretty wacky ideas, like Science lessons in space, dancing with rabbits and PE with a walking, talking rock!

In the end, however, it was super-sized simple pleasures that added up to a perfect day! What would yours be?

Perfect Day will be located at Trail HQ at Newcastle Civic Centre until the end of the trail on Sunday 24th September 2023.

Newcastle Civic Centre is open Monday – Friday, 8.30am – 4pm but closed on the weekends. When closed, you can still see Perfect Day through the window and collect its app code which is displayed on the posters next to it.

It’s farewell to our fab-ewe-lous flock!

115 sheep, ten baa-rilliant weeks, two exciting finale events, one important cause.


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