Could you make a handmade Shaun the sheep with love?

Our friends at St Oswald’s Hospice have a wonderful network of volunteers and supporters who make a range of hand crafted goods including knitting and needlework. These unique gifts are always very popular and raise funds for the hospice at events throughout the year.

The world is your… sheep!

With Shaun on the Tyne now let loose on the streets and parks of Newcastle, the team hope to harness the creativity of our community to produce a farmyard full of handmade Shaun the Sheep, as well as other sheep-themed items, to sell during the trail and raise funds for the hospice.

If you can help to generate stock for our stalls, we would love you to hear from you.

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These items can be made from wool, fabric or felt, be painted on canvas or even made from jewels. The world is your… sheep! All ideas are baa-rilliant and we encourage you to be as creative as possible! Items will then be labelled by St Oswald’s Hospice Fundraising Team to show that they have been ‘made with love in aid of St Oswald’s Hospice’ and to meet guidelines from Trading Standards. They will then be sold at local fairs and community events and at the Shaun On the Tyne HQ at Newcastle Civic Centre throughout the Art Trail to raise funds for our patients and their families. It’s really that simple!

We also have a range of Shaun the Sheep knitting and crocheting patterns to get you started. We are also looking for donations of wool to keep our knitters busy, so please let us know if you have any you no longer need and would like to donate.

Email to find out more! Thank you.

Download the Shaun on the Tyne knitting and crochet patterns below:

Download General Shaun the Sheep knitting pattern

Download Giant Shaun the Sheep knitting pattern

Download Shaun the Sheep mittens

Download Shaun the Sheep scarf and mittens

Download Shaun pattern (knit or crochet)


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